Who I am

My practice is built on 15+ years of Startup and Fortune 500 business experience in the US and 8+ years on the ground in China and Asia.

Lessons from both Corporate and Boot-strapped ventures have helped me develop a unique perspective and sets of processes to help you better take advantage of your Technology resources.

What I do

I help you introduce International-caliber practices at local prices:
  • Get your Team on task
  • Give you more transparency
  • Help you control your IT Spend
  • Help Develop Disaster Planning
  • Define your IT/IPR assets
  • Act as an IT Board Advisor
  • Provide leadership to your Team
  • Develop Operating Procedures

How I do it

I have developed a 3-phase process that works in concert with your current teams' strengths, deltas and time limitations to produce tangible results that you can pick up and hold in your hand, differentiate yourself from your competition and leverage as an asset building your business.